Important Case Studies That Prove App Store Optimization Works

This is a summary post having the best posts from the app entrepreneurs association. The post post mainly focuses on improving app downloads, app marketing and development

This week we had some awesome discussions in the App Entrepreneurs Group. I have picked the top discussions below and summarized them.

Important Case Studies That Prove App Store Optimization Works

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There’s always a debate about ASO in the group, few say there is no change in the number of downloads for their apps after ASO and few others say there is a tremendous improvement in the number of downloads for their app. To put an end to his confusion, a app entrepreneur from the group did a research on few apps and wrote a very informative article with case studies that prove ASO is very helpful. Checkout the article shared in the group.

Does App Icon Effect The  Number of Downloads ?

An amazing jigsaw puzzle which was developed few years ago , which is available for free in the android play store got very few downloads. The owner of the app did some research and changed the app icon which doubled the number of downloads along with the revenue. The research details were published as a article which is shared in the group.

Market Your App Before Launch – Strange Marketing Strategy 

It might sound illogical to market an app that is not in the market yet. The aim of this strategy is to build interest and get feedback before the app is officially launched. One of the app entrepreneur shared an article in the group which has few ideas on how to market the app before it is even in review.

An Amazing Survey That Tells Which Type of Games Succeed in Specific Regions


Nathan Vander Heyden has done an amazing research in IOS app store for about 1,350 apps and gathered some interesting facts about which apps will succeed in specific regions and not others. The research is backed by data, history and cultural values. It is a very helpful article for app entrepreneurs who need help in finding suitable regions or app stores to launch their app.

Do You Have an Idea For a Mobile App ?

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