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I'm Done Selling Dollar Games

I don't care if they sell more, I'm done with selling dollar games because my games are worth more than that.

Kris Steele, Blogger

January 14, 2014

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I've been making games with my company Fun Infused Games since 2009. To date I've released 14 titles for various platforms (XBLIG, iOS, Ouya, and WP7). Most of those games I've sold for $1. And I won't be doing that anymore (except for the occasional sale, which I can do now that my base price isn't the basement).

It may not be the best business decision, it certainly won't sell me the most copies, and it may not make me the most money, but it's a change I want to make. I'm taking a stand and saying that my game is worth more than a dollar. I tip a dollar when I buy a beer, I spend a dollar for a snack or pop from the vending machine, I give my daughter a dollar to play (and lose at) the claw game every time we go to the movies. Maybe it's bullheaded, maybe its pride, but I think games that I make that provide hours of enjoyment are worth more than these frivolous things.

When people sell games for a dollar, it is almost always to hit the largest market possible. Isn't it a bit of chicanery to try and snag mass market based on only price? How many developers out there release a game really feeling what they've put their blood, sweat, and tears into is worth a dollar? My games are often too difficult, too retro, or too quirky to appeal to everyone and I'm okay with that. Gamers shouldn't be buying my games because they're cheap, they should be buying them because they like difficult quirky retro games. I believe there is a niche of gamers out there that really like what I do and will be willing to pay true value for such an experience.

I'm small time, I'm a blip on the radar, but I won't continue contributing to the race to the bottom. Too many games today (especially on mobile platforms) are undervalued and every undervalued game that is released only serves to reinforce that subpar price point in the consumer's mind. I'm done being part of the problem. My bank account may not ultimately agree, but I feel pretty good about this choice.


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