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I heart Microsoft. I heart WindowZ. I heart PC!

Microsoft is here and they won't be going anywhere for a looonnnggg time!

Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN, Blogger

September 24, 2010

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I get confused when people say PC is dead or Microsoft went the way of the console. This just isn't true. PC's are all over the place. Laptops, desktops, they're everywhere. You're probably using one right now. Sure, we had a major issue with PC creators dropping graphic cards and instead using integrated ones, which software developers just didn't like. Laptops with driver issues. World of WarCraft kicked a lot of developers in the butt($15 a month is a lot of money, sorry n00b, WoW > your crap), also following a major shift to free to play games. Then we got Steam, combined with GameStop's used > new, buy/rental stores not using pc games(CD-KeY), and we can easily assume pc at retail went away. Instead, we just get little cards for MySpace/FaceBooK, a WoW gamecard, gamecards for other games, you get the idea. Big whoop? We have InterwebZ and a harddrive.

Developers also whine quite a bit about piracy. I'm confused, I can dl NES/SNES/N64, probably any Nintendo game ever made right now. At least I assume :d I'm sure the same could be said with other games/consoles. Need more whine about renting your crappy game, borrowing, or buying used.

WindowZ is still the top OS, I'm pulling numbers from my buttox, but I assume 75% are WindowZ pc's. They're invading the cell phone market, which I have no idea about as I got rid of my cell years back. That market is huge too, to the insane. X-BoX? Yeah, that's WindowZ. DirectX is still massive. What are we on now, bout to hit DirectXv12? Did you know all those X-BoX xControllerZ can hook up to WindowZ? They plug right in, unless they're wireless, you'll need an adapter. I never use mine, I'm a keyboard and mouse. Which is still pretty much dominated by the pc market. You can even use the Wii, PS3 controller, whatever, all on your pc. Talk about choice of controls. TV? Yeah, I can hook up to that and a few monitors all at once.

WindowZ update is still around. I can easily buy a new graphics card, ram, whatever. WindowZ Messenger got beat down by MySpace/FaceBooK. But that's ok. Steam beat WindowZ to selling games online. Zone.com, I'm pretty sure that's still around. Yeah, it got stomped by MySpace/FaceBooK/Steam too. But it doesn't matter, cause you still need the OS and so do they.

When it comes to business and education, PC dominates all consoles. I mean afterall, you're probably developing your game on a PC. Does a console even come with a Text Editor to make code?

The simple fact is, anything your console can do, a PC can probably do it too and do it better. There's a reason we call it the GoD-BoX!

PS: Create your games on WindowZ, then port. kthx, bye!

// Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN
// Creator of Elements of War!
// http://www.ElementsofWar.NET
// http://www.ModDB.com/Mods/Elements-of-War

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