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How we Kickstarted our Campaign with a Launch Party

Our company ran a launch party for our Kickstarter at a local video games bar, and it seems to have worked out quite nicely! Think about being innovative in ways outside of what's directly in your games :)

Richard Atlas, Blogger

April 20, 2015

4 Min Read

What excitement! Our Kickstarter is now live, UCH_Kickstarter_Couch_V5and things seem to be going pretty well. We reached 25% of our funding in the first 24 hours, now we need big press and some good YouTuber presence and things should work out.

What I wanted to talk about today is innovation, and how trying to be different can help you get noticed. There are tons of Kickstarter campaigns these days, so you need to try to differentiate yourself somehow. We will try more innovative things throughout the campaign, but to kick it off we had a launch party at a local video game bar here in Montreal.


The idea was that people would come from 6-9pm, and that at 7pm we would make an announcement and launch the campaign. We showed the Kickstarter video all over the bar, then we announced that the project was live and we had pledge stations set up where people could put in the amount they want to pledge. This wasn't made to bring tons of money, but more to raise awareness about the project and have a fun night.

Setting up the stream Setting up the stream

We were also live-streaming the event on Twitch, although unfortunately the signal was quite choppy so we didn't get quite the show we wanted to. We had actually contacted Twitch and there was a possibility they would put us on the front page, but that option of course went out the window when our stream was bad quality.

Slightly blurry party picture, it was dark! Slightly blurry party picture, it was dark!

There were 4 playing stations set up, one of them being a huge projector and another being broadcast on all the TVs in the bar. People were really engaged and playing the entire time, until we wanted to leave and I actually had to kick someone off my computer so that I could pack up and go home.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not this truly brought us more Kickstarter backers, it was a fun experience and you never know what might happen when you do something a little different.

Check out the Kickstarter project here, and feel free to email me to ask any and all questions!

Some super focused Ultimate Chicken Horsers Some super focused Ultimate Chicken Horsers

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