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How do game developers innovate?

Researcher from Manchester Business School is exploring the interface between games and innovation studies and is seeking your perspective.

Adam Hazdra, Blogger

August 3, 2010

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Until now, little academic interest has been devoted to innovation practices and especially research and development in video game industry. And yet if one looks at the breathtaking progress of the games during the short history of the medium, there is lot to observe and research into.

Hence my magisterial thesis at University of Manchester aims at exploring the interface between games studies and innovation research. The core interest is in how the R&D is organized in game developing companies, what are the tools used and what is seen as constraints.

I would appreciate if you spare 10 – 15 minutes and answer 11 questions that are mapping the R&D processes. Your perspective is invaluable as it is informed by hands-on experience with the practices.

In return, you can sign for a digest of research results which will cover the current market situation.

Here is the questionnaire:


Thanks for your time. -- Adam

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