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How Did Deeme Get Featured as The Best New App in 111 Countries by Apple in 4 weeks After its Release?

This a summary post consisting of best posts picked from the app entrepreneurs association and marketing group through out the week.

Puneet Yamparala, Blogger

May 4, 2015

3 Min Read

This week we had some awesome discussions in the App Entrepreneurs Group. I have picked the top discussions below and summarized them.

How Safe And Effective is it to Have Facebook Login Integrated to Your App ?

One of the app entrepreneurs developed an app and wanted to know if integrating facebook login would make a difference to the app installs and registrations. There were some useful inputs from other app entrepreneurs on how safe it is to integrate facebook login and its effectiveness.

Finally Apple Has Launched App Analytics !!


Apple has launched beta version of app analytics. Using which we can find the number of page visits to the app page, we also can know how many users open the app over time and so on. It is just a beta version and invite based.

How to setup the stage before you launch your app ?

An app entrepreneur has shared her experience in the group on how she blew up her product launch. She has mentioned some important points that needs to be followed before the app is launched. This is a very interesting article which was shared in the group and received enormous response from other entrepreneurs for sharing the article.

How Did Deeme Get Featured as The Best New App in 111 Countries by Apple in 4 weeks after its release?

Deeme is just another instant messaging app with an additional feature where you can combine photos with typography. Did that make Deeme to get featured as the best new app? Lets see what the CEO and Co founder of Deeme has to say about it and how he got Deeme to be featured as the best app in 111 countries.

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