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Penka Kouneva is the 2nd woman in Hollywood history to lead orchestrate for 2 films with $100 mil budgets. Her success and legendary status in the industry is largely due to something she does that few others do-she boosts the careers of colleagues.

Mary Kurek

March 19, 2014

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Earlier today I was catching up with a former client who played pro basketball.  He became a speaker so successful that the White House called on his services.  The gist of the hour-long convo:  mentoring.  Mentoring not only personally helped him define his new career, but, prompted him to give quality time to help others in his industry that brought referrals and income-producing information.

Over the years, I've worked with a Governor, a 2-Star Commanding General, an NFL Player Relations Dir., and a Pro Gamer.  All, like Penka Kouneva, understood the value of sharing your expertise and experiences with fellow professionals.  With Penka - it's in her DNA.  The woman would dig ditches if it helped to build her own career - she is just that dedicated.  But, the same work ethic that drives her own talent is also there when she helps others.  She works at it like a contracted project.  When you're known for that kind of generosity, it doesn't take long when other serious talent to find you for the chance to glean from the best. And, when there's an opp to return the fave...well, I'm not saying that's the only reason she's just 2k shy of her first-time Kickstarter's goal with 16 days left, but, it simply has to be a factor.

Penka's Kickstarter involves funding the for musicians for her second album, The Woman Astronaut, and is wrapped completely around the mission of inspiring female composers.  There's a reason why Penka is so passionate about mentoring others.  In her own words...

I went into this profession with the belief that hard work and the talent I was determined to develop would eventually win the day. But in the time I’ve been here, I’ve realized it takes something more. Part of that is having a great mentor. I’ve been lucky to have had mentors open doors for me. 

With this album, she is aiming to break some glass ceilings for other women in the profession. 

Partners who back the project with a pledge of $50 will get their name listed in the CD booklet - $60 will get a backer a free ticket to her live Film Composition Master Class in LA and a higher order of goodies as the pledge rates increase.  It's historic...and it's meaningful as a partnership that could actually elevate one's own career.  No brainer.


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