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My first blog post. Basically says hi.

David Wootten, Blogger

September 1, 2009

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Hi everyone! Basically, my name is David and i go by the nickname Oathbreaker. Im 14, from the UK and a wannabe game developer. I have already programmed 1 game (Rock, Paper, Scissors with an AI) and a few programs using VB and have made a few using GM7 lite (un-proffesional, i know, but im only 14!). I am soon going to learn C++ and begin a small project. Id like to someday become a proffesional game developer, specifically a programmer, but i would be happy as an artist, audio creator (whatever they are called) or designer. So thats basically me. Ill leave a progress report of my C++ stuff soon. If you know any good tutorials for game C++, pls say.

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