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Have you gone Postal in Deus Ex :HR yet?

What does it mean to go postal in Deus EX

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September 7, 2011

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So I have been enjoying a little game called Deus EX: HR.  Though the game is getting nitpicked by a few oppertunist on things like Boss fights, Pre render scenes (which I myself fail to understand the reason for them), and whether characters hold rasict stereotypes. the overall expeince has been fun thus far and enjoyable.  One thing sticks out in the back of my mind as I play through this game and it has to to do with going postal in the game.  Has anyone done it yet, and what are the consequences of you actions if you can get away with it?

I ask because the very first thing I got about the game when first playing, is the hostile overtones of each area as I explore.  Yeah there are the missions that you partake in which house guards that sport the best armor, wepons, and scounting tactics.  But the hostile mood is even felt in the areas where you don't have mission objectives.  What would hapen if you just stood on the corner and started picking off innocent people for no reason? Would the game turn so hostile against you that there would be no exscape of your actions. 

This was a fundimental problem I had with playing games like GTA, which is probably why I never cared for them and never really get around to finishing the ones I have played through. It seems that you can get a way with so much in the game that if you escape hostile enviorments after causing the most havok you can, the game forgets you and everything returns to normal as if nothing took place, even alowing you to retuen to the scene of the crime without reprecusion.

Perhaps I'm comparing apples to oranges. But I just wonder, has anyone found the need or desire to go postal in DE: HR and is there severe consequences for doing so, or can you just return back to work after doing so and the enviroenment acts as if nothing happen?

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