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Guest Posting Websites on the Gaming Niche

Top 5 Games Related Website That Accept Guest Posting

Ozwald Al, Blogger

January 9, 2017

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Shortlist of the guest posting websites on the gaming niche

With hundreds of sites out there that accepts guest bloggers, there are a few websites that you can benefit from if you want to expand your horizon in article writing on the gaming niche. Here are the top five website that accepts guest bloggers on the gaming niche.




Epic Games has good application with regards to guest posting with the following features. 

  • You are free to submit 1K+ post but can only be allowed within 30-45 days on the website.

  • You are free to submit 1.5K+ word post with 48 hours priority placement, featured and promotion

  • For premium accounts, you can submit 1K+ post with a fee of $45 withi a featured status and promotion.




Game Asset Market is a fairly new website but is unique among blogs as its a digital marketplace for game assets. It aims on promoting game arts and game designs / assets and make a new vibrant community of game assets. There are a lot of topics to choose from game arts, design to game development, game reviews and any trends on the gaming industry.

There are no requirments on applying and even pays you when your article receives a lot of views. Apply to become a guest blogger for them and it will benefit you as well due to the fact that they promote heavily on social media with the author or publisher's name on it as well as links to their website or social media. Learn more...




Gamepur is more on a review website and bloggers who loves to review games might want to check this one out. So if you loves ong walkthroughs and game reviews then this site is for you. Application is pretty straight forward as you only need to email them and give them the information they need and that's it. Wait for their approval and you're good to go.



Gamasutra is a great website for anything related to games. It has a huge following and you benefit from its traffic. It's free to join and quickly approves you and your article.




VGS has been there for quite some time now so its reach is quite good. Although website looks old and un-updated but still they accept guest post and approves fairly quickly.


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