Green Inbox: indie game dev's new crowdfunding tool

Green Inbox is new site that is catching the attention of a lot of crowdfunding managers. I have been exploring various crowdfunding services and have tried out Green Inbox's 'direct facebook message' approach.

Green Inbox allows you to send up to 500 direct messages to your facebook friends at once (rather than just posting it to the 'home feed' or sending it to 500 people individually)

Unsuccessful crowdfunding services - set a goal for number of supporters, supporters will 'blast' the message to their friends
Headtalker - same as thunderclap but entices you to use theirs because they give you 500,000 'free' social reach
*both of these sites were ineffective because I didn't attract enough of an audience to reach my goal*
Preapps - I personally think this site still has some reaching out to do itself, its use was ineffective because its targeted more at games that are 'upcoming' and about to launch onto the app/play store.

Green Inbox: Success
Initially I was thinking about using the 'publishers' and 'target audience' service that Green Inbox offers but I started out using the 'facebook direct message' approach.

This is the message that I used for Green Inbox:
"Dear <first name>,
I wanted to reach out and ask you to be a part of my Kickstarter campaign. I've been working on this project for a year and it would mean a lot if you could share or donate (There are some awesome rewards for donating!). It's been tough finding people elsewhere so I really appreciate it if you do!

I paid $30.00 to send a direct message to my 447 friends on my personal Facebook page
> Within the first 2-3 days of launch we have received $615.00 from facebook 'referrer'

As of right now we stand at $800.00 with 45 days to go. Our goal is $20,000 (still a long ways). My hope is that I can attract enough backers to reach $5,000 so I can use the recommended 'Publishers' and 'Target Audience' services on Green Inbox!

You can check out my project here: ... android-or

Drew Mochrie

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