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Used up mice from over the years

Cathy Pyle, Blogger

March 17, 2010

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I have been working with computers and developing software for so long that I have lost track of all the hardware I have used.  I am also the mouse king.  What I mean by that is that I try to do as much with the mouse as I can.  If I can do something with the mouse I avoid using the keyboard.  It was probably because of my super use of the mouse that I was so good at games like Descent!  Anyhow, for a while, every time I would wear a mouse out to the point where it wouldn’t function anymore I drew a skull and cross bones on it and kept it in a box call the mouse graveyard.  Don’t know why, it was just something funny to do.  Well I am throwing the last of them away.  I probably had 10-15, but these are the ones that are left.  R.I.P little mice; sob!

Mice Graveyard

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