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Going Free with an eco-game

We have decided to join the free-mania for a good cause: to spread the word about the most water needy places of the world.

Eloy Ribera, Blogger

July 8, 2011

1 Min Read

This is the first time we set one of our paid games to free. We have selected Cute Cloud, our first iPhone/iPad game.

We have selected this game because it has strong ecological values and it's very fun to play (or so we think!). In fact, our main reason to launch the game was to help increasing awareness of water problems all over the world.

We selected 3 water related problems: wildfires, droughts and pollution, so your mission is to guide a small cloud called Nimby all over the world helping to solve this problems with his rain. Of course, there are other clouds that want your water, so they will try to catch you, and you also have to catch smaller clouds to get bigger and solve the problem with a proper storm :)

The game will be free all this weekend until 11th July, and we will comment here the results of this promotion. The game has no iAds or any other revenue sources, so we only expect some iTunes visibility and new players... but that will be awesome! Games exist to be played! :)

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cute-cloud/id372158604?mt=8

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