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Some knowledge I gained from reading Virtual Reality Insider by Sky Nite and Entering the Metaverse: A Guide to Joining the Virtual Reality Industry by Liv Erickson

Christopher Guzman, Blogger

January 31, 2017

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<p>After doing some reading this week I found out some interesting tips for becoming more involved in the VR community. One fact that I thought was important and motivational is that a lot of people are just getting into VR now and its important to connect with those people because often times you'll be able to benefit from each other and help each other grow as developers. Something that will have a big impact on my work and current/future projects is talking to other developers to find out what is the coolest new thing and what others are working on because its important to know what is being expected from VR developers in contrast to regular developers. Some important questions to keep in mind when talking to developers at conventions are, "what got you into VR?", "are you doing a demo today?", and "what's your favorite thing you've seen today?". These questions will let any developer know that you really are interested in the field and in what they are doing. A section of what I read that I think applies to me a lot is a section that had some motivational messages that will help you get rid of some self doubt. The messages were pretty much saying that you can do anything, and if you want to get better at something you always can. Some examples are, you can teach even if you are a beginner, you can blog even if your not a good writer and you can speak even if you think you don't have anything to say because everyone has something to say. The most important take away from this reading for me is that its important to get into VR early when everything is fresh and many developers want to collaborate with others to create games, the longer you wait the more closed off developers will become.</p>

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