Games for gamers vs games for developers

It's about respect I guess.

When you are new to anything pleasant you are kind of full of wonder for this pleasant entity. Then you learn how it works and when you finally find out, you realize just how naive you were.


I am talking about becoming a game developer. Most of the time, to become a game developer you need to be a gamer first. You adore games and there comes a time in your life when you want to create one of such games yourself so you learn how to do this.


And then you find out who your market mainly is and what motivation there is to buy your game. And it all comes down to feeling of power in one way or another.


So you loose any respect for your players and you just give them feeling of power so they can escape to this wonderful world that you offer them so they can feel better about themselves for at least a moment in their lives.


So you take time of your players; time in which they could make something real so they wouldn’t have to escape from anything in their lives.


The problem is that we are prostitutes. We hate to do this but being just a game developer we must sustain ourselves so we must make a profit. We are prostitutes because we know that we waste time of our players but we must do it if we want to survive ourselves and we don’t have any better idea and time is running out.


We are a prostitutes because most of our market is children. And we waste their lives and we know it.


Oh, and we call it „agency”.


Sure, there are some of us who are not aware yet that they are prostitutes because they are still learning.


Where am I wrong and does it have to be this way?

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