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Following accusations it copied Wargaming.net's World of Tanks, Gamebox has submitted a formal charge of slander, saying its Project Tank simply draws from the same source material.

Kris Ligman, Blogger

May 28, 2013

1 Min Read

Chinese developer Gamebox saw its tank combat game Project Tank pulled from Facebook in early April after Wargaming.net alleged the game was a knockoff of its World of Tanks. Now Gamebox has fought back, filing suit against Wargaming.net for "illicit competition and slander." How Gamebox will manage a "slander" charge when the copycat accusations were presumably text-based is unknown. However, the company has a few things to say about the substance of Wargaming.net's claims. "The accusation of PT by Wargaming has two major aims—gameplay and game image. However, the term gameplay is a very general concept in the online game industry. It merely refers to a set of game rules, which are not subject to any intellectual property protection," Gamebox said in a prepared statement. "Wargaming also made accusations about in-game images, which is even more unreasonable... The designers of Project Tank have done nothing but rebuild classic tanks that actually existed in history." Gamebox presented multiple side-by-side comparisons (below) between its game and Wargaming.net's World of Tanks. There are some undeniable similarities, but as Gamebox points out, several of those have to do with the common subject matter. What do you think?

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