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Game Perception: The Thin Line Between Success & Failure

Game entrepreneurs face the difficulty of navigating through people's perceptions of success & failure. Kickstarter is not only about raising money, but getting awareness of your game, yet many people define success by the number of pledges or funding.

Rich Melcombe, Blogger

February 2, 2015

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Creating an eSport like Grudge Match without a built-in infrastructure is difficult.  There are no easy pathways.  Games are similar to movies.  They either open big…build over time…or fail.  No one has the secret sauce to create build or market any entertainment property.  Yesterday we launched a Kickstarter for the Grudge Match Game, and our “Ask” is for $90,000.  In the first 24-hours, we have only had 3 pledges totally $148.  Success or failure?  My 86-year old mother called me at least 5-6 times worried about me, and our Kickstarter.  She is a hip mom who follows almost everything I do with her trusty iPad.  The more she called, the worst I felt.  I’m a competitive person and I wanted to be showered with praise & pledges.  The truth is that our Kickstarter is less about raising money, and more about getting feedback…taking the first baby step to commercialize the Grudge Match Game.  To launch Grudge Match Sports we need $1 million, not $90,000.  I’m told by Dave Young, our game guru & strategist, that we are getting amazing feedback, and that within this first 24-hours, five renowned developers reached out to join the team (from the Kickstarter post).  I have never let people’s perceptions of my projects or businesses affect my judgment.  I believe in myself & the team, who are smarter than me  At heart, I’m a very conservative businessman who has grand ideas, but I do analyze risk & opportunity costs.   Most Kickstarters fail.  We only hear about the anomalies, and those that do succeed are usually selling a product, not a concept.  Grudge Match Sports is a big idea.  Besides the game, we are going to build a streaming platform and produce TV shows.  Our TV deal is in sight.  We begin raising capital next week.  How will investors view us –by Kickstarter pledges…or our biz plan projections?  I guess it depends upon their perception.  BTW, if you see my Mom, please tell her I’m doing okay.

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