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The list of game trends by 2015

Ivano Sporitus, Blogger

August 15, 2012

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Hello game funs and experts:

In this post I try to organize my thoughts around the game industry trends. I have already talked with a lot of developers and publishers and it was a surprize for me to find out that most of them doesn`t consider it as important. Sure, it is not neccisary to thing about the best practivces, but I belive that it is a very good exersice helping to focus on current market needs and meetthe industry  benchmarks.

Following is the collection of my vision of the Game Industry Trands:

- Visual Novels (Less action, more story) will grow faster. Example: Walking Dead, AITD5, Bastion, etc
- Interactive Movies (Hollywood will step in the game industry)
- More controller options in one game: Touch Screen, Voice, Gesture, etc
- Two Screens Gaming
- More free games (Grow of new business models)
- Game Serials and Interactive Shows
- Not just the game, but Brand: Game + Movie + Comics + Soundtrack + Souvenirs + Community, etc
- Like Us: Create the community of game funs
- 100% Physics: weather, liquids, interact with all things
- Indie games grow? not sure

Added by community:
TehWut: "open-source consoles"

I would appreciate to see your comments and ideas about the Game Indutry trends. Please share.

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