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Funny (and cheap!) Marketing

Marketing decisions for Cute Cloud, our first iPhone game. As we are a small start-up, we love to experiment with crazy and alternative marketing tactics... like strange "making off" videos...

Eloy Ribera, Blogger

June 1, 2010

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 As indie developers, we can't afford expensive (and even not so expensive!) marketing campaigns.

We worked some time ago as part of a development team for a big franchise. Some months ago, we founded our own company: we are Ninja Fever, a new start-up focused on digital platforms.

 As a small start-up with near zero  marketing budget, we try to innovate as much as we can. It seems a logical path, even for the big companies but, fortunately (for us at least!) big enterprises are sloooow bureaucratic machines.

 We have just released our first game for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad combo. Sure it's not a cutting-edge game, but it's a small and funny adventure that everybody can enjoy (especially the kids!).

Some time ago, we decided to do a "making off" video in addition to the classic "gameplay trailer". During a brainstorming session, someone said: "what about using our cuddly toys and make a crazy video?". After some "common sense" comments, we we discarded common sense and did that video. We are indies after all, so we can just try new marketing tactics without millions to lose!

Total marketing budget so far: $0,00 

Response: Local TV & newspapers interviews, more followers on Twitter, comments on big portals & blogs from users saying they will purchase the game right after watching the "making off" video...

People are bored from traditional marketing, they want new and funny marketing campaigns. We, as indies, can take the risk to just do it.

 So, the "making off" video is now online for you to enjoy and criticise ;)

Cute Cloud is on sale right now on the AppStore, as cheap as $0,99.

Hope you like the game... and the "making off"! Of course, your feedback will be really appreciated!

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