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Funding a game in Sweden

A short runthrough on how we handled the economic side of starting an indie studio in Sweden without going the crowd funding route.

Martin Kupski, Blogger

February 25, 2016

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To start off, we got some really good advice and help by joining an incubator called Gameport in Karlshamn (http://www.gameport.se) they pointed in the right direction on where to go with funding inquiries and how to structure the business in an efficient way. 

So when we joined we already had won some initial funding in an indie game competition called GCC (Game Concep Challenge) and that helped to start it all off. We got a lot of our own savings and personal loans in to found Nodbrim Interactive and when Acaratus started to take shape we needed to hire in freelancers. 

We were still working on our day jobs so keeping the company afloat wasn't an issue and both of us worked both days, nights and weekends to make the game possible but in order to get the project done within a near future we had to get help. Freelancers are a great source for indies so when we took on some freelancers. We knew that the Swedish government has some grants for newly started businesses and at least for the county of Blekinge has two forms of help. 


Consulting checks and Micro subsidy. Both give you a 50% grant on an approved request which has a limit between 20 000 - 60 000 kr for Micro and up to 100 000 kr for Consult checks.

(swedish source: http://www.lansstyrelsen.se/blekinge/Sv/naringsliv-och-foreningar/foretagsstod/Pages/regionalt-bidrag-till-foretagsutveckling.aspx)


The initiative is for helping the rural communities and larger cities to start up businesses and grow to be able to create jobs and to help with international outreach.


The process is very simple you send off a mail to them with a filled in application together with a proposal and a budget and in some cases a job inquiry (for consulting jobs) and then wait. The waiting can take anything from some weeks to months but when granted you can make the deal or order what is needed and send off a receipt of that to prove that the deal is done and they transfer 50% of that approved sum.

Thanks reading through this and if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

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