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fun starting a start up, any pointers

quick summary of the approach my partners and i are taking to setting up a startup that sells animation tools and will hopefully sell games.

brent zorich, Blogger

June 19, 2012

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i have found that starting my own company with a few partners (one of which worked on the matrix) has been fun and challenging. what has turned the most doors for all of us, is the fact that at the bottom of each page of every webpage, we post this:


including putting this on our resume pages. this makes every page on the website a legal binding document and legit. sometimes you might deal with certain colleagues in the industry that might, out of jealousy, call your work fraudulent. this definitely doesnt help when talking to finance. we are hoping for a good out come with all of this and the finance person i am working with is currently working with will smith on a project. hoping this will be good, if not, the experience alone has been amazing and will look great on a resume. now, everything on every site we are willing to take to a court of law, and the financers we have been talking to see to jump at that.

i recommend this to all people that try to start a company, really fun stuff, and be sure to watch "Pirates of Silicon Valley". really inspirational and educational.

here are some links to my company and to my personal website:



again, we are still working on financing this bad boy but we have amazing credibility. if it doesnt work out, theres always going back to working for someone else.

feel free to add a blog to this is you have started your own company in the past and have had success, this has been pretty educational up to this point and my partners and i are trying to get greenlit 5 IPS to pick one as well as space and staff.

will keep all of you, my gaming family, in the loop.



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