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Four ways next-gen consoles could fail, according to Riccitiello

"Mobile is here to stay. [But] we're all ready for the next generation of consoles," says departed EA CEO John Riccitiello, in forecasting what the coming console generation needs to get right.

Kris Ligman, Blogger

May 20, 2013

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"Console gaming is going to explode on the scene of consumer electronics with this next generation of consoles. Sony and Microsoft absolutely need to deliver new boxes that really impress us."

- Former CEO of Electronic Arts John Riccitiello, in an editorial with Kotaku. John Riccitiello may have departed publisher Electronic Arts, but with years of experience under his belt, he still has plenty of things to weigh in on when it comes to the console business. Riccitiello outlined "four potential pitfalls" facing Microsoft and Sony, both of which are poised to release their next-generation consoles before the end of the year. 1. "The first and most obvious of these pitfalls is if Sony or Microsoft forgets who brought them to the dance in the first place. Gamers," writes Riccitiello. "To paraphrase a political slogan, it's about the games, stupid." 2. "A second potential pitfall has to do with supply. Consumers today have gotten used to getting what they want, and getting it immediately. We want it now and we want our friends to have it now, so we can play together." 3. "The third issue is price," Riccitiello goes on. Staying competitive against the growing mobile and tablet market is essential. "Getting the price right is a very important part of the equation. The stakes are enormous." 4. Lastly, "they need to think open platform more than walled garden," said Riccitiello, and avoid stumbling over practices such as intrusive DRM. Wrapping up, Riccitiello says that if Microsoft and Sony avoid these pitfalls, "I am quite sure console gaming will (once again) be the next big thing." "[I]f you are still debating whether mobile gaming will kill the next generation of consoles before they ship, my answer is no," Riccitiello concludes.

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