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Pushing forward...relentlessly.

Antonio Romero, Blogger

February 15, 2013

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The other day I was at work...once again dealing with a huge work load of deadlines. The only way I could remain sane was by conversing with my co-worker about school and my passion for gaming. I talked to him about the round table conversations I would have with my brothers and uncles concerning the future of gaming. (Keep in mind these meetings were during the time of SNES ha-ha). We drafted dreams of "what ifs”, "this would be awesome" and "they need to improve this".  I carried on about how we actually witnessed the gaming industry deliver and relentlessly progress through our growing years and have yet to fail. I talked about the heritage of gaming and gamers alike, how someone needs to be prepared to carry that torch well into the upcoming centuries. My co-worker looked at me and said "Bro, do you realize how hard it is to get a degree nowadays, let alone get into the field of your choice?" He continued to say “Now I am not saying that your passion is miss-directed but maybe you've just been a bit miss-informed, don't get your hopes up to just fall flat on your face."  I responded with a smile and said "It must suck to not dream huh?" He responded with a "huh???!!!" I continued to explain my statement and said “There are many things in this life that may seem impossible, but how dare we title them as such without even testing that theory." If I were given the opportunity to stand atop 100 story building and jump 10 feet to the nearest building with no safety net for a job in the gaming industry as a document scanner....I would do it. Because all those individuals out there who made it....sacrificed. They went against the grain and all those who believe in their demise. They pushed forward......relentlessly. 

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