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Flufftopia. One year later. Numbers and thoughts about a (probably) dead project

A postmortem for the game Flufftopia. Focus on numbers!

Daniel da Silva, Blogger

February 26, 2019

4 Min Read

Hey, my name is Daniel da Silva (Moaning_Clock) and I'm the head and last member of the studio SmokeSomeFrogs and I want to show you the numbers for the almost one year old project Flufftopia which I created with Angela Reinert (Madame Yavi).

It's a cute clicker game with a story. You can watch the trailer to get a better impression.



My role was mostly story, marketing and producer-ish work and Angela did art and programming.

We both did audio and game design and got a little bit of help from Devon Wolters (who was the voice actor of Intra-System: Trust Issues which was SmokeSomeFrogs' first game) and from Kjartan A.



The game was made in about one and half months and was released March 6th. In the end Angela really crunched to make it happen in time. It was a really hard time but she learned coding a game a lot faster than anyone I know personal and isn't unhappy about that. We could go deeper into the details and the discussion about crunch and especially self-imposed crunch but this would go to far. This wasn't about money, the game is free), it was an obsession.

If you want more details about the development process I wrote a postmortem after one month which you can find here.

There was also almost no marketing (maybe 1-2 tweets and the postmortem) after the 1.1.1 version. That's really a bummer especially because it's my job to do it and to get it right. I think about a small marketing effort in the next couple of weeks maybe when the real one year anniversary happens.



Flufftopia generated 4487 downloads on Itch.io. The rest of the downloads were 48 on IndieDB and 20 on Gamejolt. I want to show you the difference after a month (the first postmortem) to now (almost a year after release). On Gamejolt we had all versions but only the Windows version was downloaded and I couldn't get data if it was just the English version but I think so. On IndieDB there are only English builds.


1 month (3.4.2018)

All Downloads
























Money (Donations)





Most of the downloads came through a video of Felps, a very big Brazilian YouTuber. I would estimate that 80% of the downloads came solely from that. It's still weird and we are very thankful for that. The only interesting take away was to see the number of Linux more than doubling. Maybe that means it has a bit of a healthier long term but I think it doesn't mean anything. The Linux share of the overall downloads is 13,13% (compared to 10,94% after one month) which is impressive and we are very thankful for the welcoming community. The first Linux version was also 4 days later released (March 10th) and has a little disadvantage.



I remember sitting with Devon and Angela in a bar, gambling at a slot machine and speaking about the 1.2 version of this game which probably won't happen. We wanted to expand story and gameplay and had ideas for various upgrades and some peculiar ones for the story and secrets. We also thought about translating the game into Portuguese since most of the downloads came from Brazil and my mother is Portuguese (although European Portuguese) but we never did it.

We will continue developing this game for sure.

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