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Flock - The New Social Browser

Discovering a new browser that emphasizes on staying connected and well networked

James Gonzalez, Blogger

August 24, 2009

2 Min Read

Flock is a browser a new browser based on Mozilla's Firefox browser. At first I was very skeptical about downloading and using it but once I got the hang of it and used it to its fullest, I would recommend it to anyone who likes to stay connected. Flock has many integrated features that include : Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo!, Digg, Blogger, and much, much more. It has it's own section for RSS feeds and a tool that makes it easy to update any blog regularly. Some tools include a drag and drop clip board that takes photos and snippets of text so that you can place them elsewhere. One of my favorite tools is the photo uploader, which lets you upload to any of your photo websites and social networks, allowing you to skip the shitty java coded uploaders that come with the webpage. There is a "Media Bar" which lets you view albums and photos on a page and favorite them so that you can view them any time later. 



The interface is what grabs me. It's simple, sleek and easy to learn. And if you want your everyday browser, you can just hide all the extended tools and run the regular browser. On the address bar you'll find clearly visible buttons to , show media images in the Media Bar, subscribe to RSS feeds, Favorite the webpage, and send the link via email. Some common Firefox features include multiple tabs and a search engine drop down lists that let you run different search engines.When you get new messages/feeds the icons for the corresponding thing light up letting you know you have NEW items to look at. Also when you are not on facebook, you can allow the facebook-chat to display on the bottom of the browser window to keep track of how your facebook is doing.



There's still a lot I probably don't know yet and can't wait to figure out, but so far has been a great tool for me to use with networking and keeping track of game news and updates. So to anyone who has tweetdeck and digsby or trillian, I recommend looking into Flock!

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