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Five Game Design Industry Presentations Worth Viewing

SlideShare has a wealth of information about any topic under the sun; and that includes game design. Here are five presentations on SlideShare worth viewing about the game design industry (not necessarily about design itself).

Jim Fowler, Blogger

October 13, 2014

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SlideShare has a wealth of information about every topic under the sun; and that includes game design. Here are five presentations that anyone in the game deisgn industry (or aspiriting to be in the game design industry) should take a look at. 

Keep in mind that these are more focused on the industry as a whole and how it functions rather than the act of designing a game. But, then again, if you want to spend your life designing games then you have to be able to navigate a competitive industry. That requires a lot more thought adn work than it may seem on the surface. 

So let's jump into it...

1. Creative Jobs In the Game Design Industry

This presentation from Creative Skillset highlights createive jobs in the game design industry specficially. This shows the positions involved in a team creating a game. Chances are, if you dream about getting into the game design industry you are aiming to get one of these positions. 

2. Job Roles in the Game Design Industry

To supplement the pervious presentation, this one from Haverstock Media highlights other job functions that are necessary for game creation. Of course you need the creative side of things, but the day-to-day operations must also be supported by functions that any other business would have (financial, management, etc.). Here is a quick rundown of some of those job roles: 

3. The Game Designer Portfolio

Jumping back to the creative side of the industry, landing a job at a game house can be extremely competitive, so you have to try to stand out. This presentation from New York Film Academy's Game Design School highlights one way to do just that: create a portfolio. This goes through reasons why a portfolio is so useful and the ways a portfolio can help you stand out from the people you are competing against for those desireable game design positions:

4. The Game Industry and You

Sheri Ruin comes through with a bahemoth presentation about what it takes to succeed in the game design industry. She covers six essentials for success: 

  • Branding (yes, this is essential for individuals - not just companies)

  • Networking

  • Professional Development

  • Mentoring

  • Advocacy/Volunteering

  • Breaking In/Job Searching

5. Skills You Need To Be A Video Game Developer

The Minnesota School of Business put together this quick presentatoin outlining the key skills any game designer must have to succeed. Creativity and a good eye for design are obviously a necessity. But success in the industry requires more; for exapmle, communication skills. After all, working in the game develompent industry means you will be in a very team-oriented environment.


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