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Fire Emblem's success helps intelligent systems evolve in more than one way

Fire Emblem: Awakening’s release into the US market has kicked off the profits of Intelligence System Company towards the sky. Ever since then all of their new releases have brought them nothing but profit.

Hamza Idrees, Blogger

September 8, 2020

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Intelligence Systems was initially founded in 1986 in Kyoto and later on hired by Nintendo to work as an auxiliary program unit making minor contributions to major games. However, after the introduction of “Famicon Wars” and “Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light”, they were upgraded to a game developing group. Together they brought about games such as “Paper Mario”, “Warioware”, etc. Although, these titles were never really introduced by Nintendo to the audience outside of Japan where people were more focused on hits such as “Zelda”, “Mario”, etc.

Fire Emblem: Awakening’s success:

Recently, “Fire Emblem”, a game series that had been running successfully in Japan for over 20 years released its extended series under the name of “Fire Emblem: Awakening”. It made its debut in the US market and became the turning point for the Intelligence Systems Company. The game is described as a fantasy, role play game based on tactical play. Ever since then, several other series of the Fire Emblem such as “Fire Emblem Heroes”, “Fire Emblem Fates”, “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” have been released back to back and have kept the undivided attention of its newly founded audience to itself.

Features that proved to be a success:

The key changes that brought about its great success were the new art style adopted by the designers in this 3DS game which made it more engaging and to add to that an intricate storyline and storytelling. There is a good focus on inter-character relationships as well. In the series developed after the debut of “Fire Emblem: Awakening”, like the “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”, there is a constant change in the plot, even so, more in the battle strategies, although the grid-based and the turn-based system is a constant feature unique to this series.

How big of a success it was?

Ever since “Fire Emblem: Awakening”, the profits the Intelligence System Company has made are magnanimous. The capital of the company was just 23.9 million yen in 2011 but after this newfound success in the market and amongst the audience in the US, their capital has shot up to a stunning 90 million yen. “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” itself has won the title of “The best sales figure” after making $656 million after its release. On the other hand, “Fire Emblem Heroes” has earned the title of “The highest-earning Nintendo mobile game.”

What changes did it bring to the company?

With a boost in its capital, the Intelligence Systems has further expanded its company by increasing its number of employees from 130-168. The obvious increase in the budget of the company has clearly allowed them to widen their circle. When we break down the figures based on their designated position in the firm, around 10 people are in the administration staffs, 4 people are working as hardware engineers, 10 are designated to the sound creation department, 14 are acting as planners in the company, 63 people are employed by the programming department and 68 work as graphic designers. It has also been noticed that around 31 percent of the staff is female based now which is a significant improvement and a positive trend.

How does it help it evolve?

When we talk about increased budget, it is easy to assume that this will bring in more technology too. Alongside that, an increase in the workforce will lessen the burden for each existing employee. The introduction of new brains into the field means new ideas, new skills, and a fresh perspective. All this is a much-needed thing in the gaming field where you constantly have to up your gaming strategy, bring better changes to its existing plotline, and introduce new and engaging characters that will attract different sections in the audience. It has been noticed that with the increase in the female characters in this game series, there has been a significant increase in the female-based audience. Better technological advances can lead to much better and vivid graphics. The same old minds cannot keep producing bigger and better things.

And it is evident that once “Fire Emblem: Awakening” became a success and their capital skyrocketed, the several series that have been introduced afterward, continue to be a success in the market. This is all due to the tactful development of the plot, characters, and combats system brought about by their new team.


A single tweak in its design has landed Intelligence System in a much favorable position and it is not stopping. It is expected that they are yet again about to realize something new for its audience, and the audience and its fan base just cannot wait for it.

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