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Finding Fame

An excerpt from my CEO blog with a hint of humour regarding the game developer's rise to fame.

Grant Keinzley, Blogger

April 1, 2009

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The road to fame. 

Today I sit anxiously as the bosses of (un-named mmo company) of whom I met 3 weeks ago prepare to go to Shanghai to make the big NiHao World business proposal to their Vice President.

This is the make or break meeting of which their VP will either say "Ok", or "No", and for us at NiHao World that reply will either be our new beginning, or our return to the grinding stone.

Its been a tough road taking this Indie company from an idea to where it is today. One only needs to do a web search for NiHao3d to see how many battles we have already encountered.

Blog battles, spam attacks, criticisms, and more have been added to our entourage of web listings.

My mother always said "...if you're going to make it big at anything, then it wont come without a battle." Remembering her infamous words allowed me to stay focused when I could have been freaking out at all of the bad publicity gained.

So I look at these listings and think...ahhh, its ok, I'll leave them there as they are. As later they will show just how torturous and spiteful the path to the top actually was. 

The road to fame was never easy.

One battle's to get there, or one battle's upon arriving.

Last night I was image searching and stumbled across a web image directory and it solidified for me this road to fame experience.

I had followed through on a couple of links and found myself glaring wide eyed at a multitude of images of our favourite female stars revealing (un-named body part) while trying to get out of their cars.

The latest trend in professional photography: catch a star's (un-named body part) as she's climbing out of her car!

Isn't that just a little stoopid?

And I thought panty sniffing was a criminal act. Go figure?

I think there's a point when mankind needs to sit back and look at the world that they have built.

I have a small word that I would like to share with other Indie developers that are on the road to fame....You are on the great endeavour to make it to the top as I am, I hope when you succeed you add a touch of decency to your ventures. Seems like decency has all but disappeared for the price of fame.

Many hands make light work, and many panties are just a pile of laundry.

The full blog entry from which this excerpt was taken can be found at: Grant's Blog

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