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Expanding VR past traditional video games

VR going in new directions

Christopher Guzman, Blogger

April 18, 2017

1 Min Read

One thing that I found interesting when I read about Ascension VR is how they implemented the Oculus Rifts new feature which adds the touch feature to the controllers which allows for much more natural movement within the game. I thought this was interesting because the feature was implemented without much testing it seems and I think right now that might be the best thing to do. New features should always be adopted into games so that the player can have the best experience you can give them. Also right now everyone wants to try new features but many games are hesitant to implement them giving an edge to those who do. 

The aspect of the reading that will have the most impact on my work is that of constantly adding new features that are offered by the platform because it should always be used to its full extent. 

The reading applies to me because as a developer I need to keep updating my work because it's important for the player to see that developers care about their feedback.

I think that the most important take away from the reading is that it's the developer's job to stay on top of the technology trends for what they are using because if you don't then someone else will. Another important takeaway is that many games are doing well by recreating card games and board games for VR. 


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