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The EU's fund is spread across 22 European countries, each of them getting backed for 1-6 game projects.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

April 1, 2024

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Screenshot from Mi'pu'mi Games' The Flower Collectors.
Image via Mi'pu'mi Games.

At a Glance

  • Among the countries receiving EU backing, France and Germany are set to get the most from Creative Europe's fund.

The European Union has put a total of €7.5 million (or $8.05 million) towards game development through its Creative Europe program. Per GamesMarkt, the €7.5 million will be distributed across 22 countries.

Creative Europe focuses on the country's cultural and creative sectors, such as games. At €818.2 million, Germany has the second-highest amount of funding behind France's €831.9 million.

Those funds will be spread across projects from studios in the DACH region, like Vienna's Mi'Pu'Mi Games and Leipzig, Germany's Reynard Films.

Both studios, plus Proxy Studios and Tübingen, will receive €150,000 each. Kiel's The Games Foundation and Vest Games get €140,000-€145,000, and Nürtingen gets a little over €830,000.

Coming behind Germany are Italy (€766.4 million), Denmark (€600 million), and Poland (€599.67 million). At the very end of the list are Serbia (€144.9 million) and Ireland (€103.39 million).

Countries are funding their local studios

France and Germany are both home to a number of developers, from Ubisoft to Daedelic. Last year, Germany's Ministry of Culture created a subsidy to spend €100 million toward its game studios over the next three years.

Most of the funded countries have multiple projects in the works; Italy also has seven, and France has six. Studios on the lower end only have funding going toward one or two projects.

Creative Europe's funding also comes not long after Screen Australia put $1.6 million toward its developers with a production fund.

The studios in other countries weren't listed by GamesMarkt, but you can see all the funded countries (and how much they received) here.

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