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This is only a summary of happiness.... ....happiness about Crazy Minds Game Studio.... ....happiness about Energized Dice.... ....happiness about game development.

Julio Dutra, Blogger

May 12, 2011

1 Min Read

Just like that! After all issues, after all problems, after all the time spent, Energized Dice is out there. Go ahead child!

After i give up of my last project (T-Pilot for XBOX 360), and after i finished my time working with Aquiris Game Studio, i invested my time working on two small projets for iPhone/iPad. After all, my dream on game development is not ended, but bigger.

I confess im very happy now. Is the first project completed for game development purpose. The app for iOS is out, being downloaded, and waiting your brothers and sisters.

Energized Dice is only an app for iOS, simple but beautiful. Made with Unity 3D, a lot of physics, good FX... That kind of app you always want to put a look and to surprise  your friends. My major objective was to acomplish the submission process on AppStore. Each week lost with a bug in Unity3D+Apple Xcode i was turning Energized Dice better. After a month, ED is another app, with much better look, much better physic, and hud. I hope that people likes.

For finishing this, i need to speak about the next news comming out. I already submitted another app (a very smart game) that is about time to be accept.

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