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DUNGEONS AND UNDEAD.Indie local multiplayer Hack&Slash

Dungeons and Undead first short level ready.You may connect locally in the same screen to up to 4 players through Android(local Wifi),Xbox One controllers,Keyboard&Mouse. Play with friends and family! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1278580

Alejandro Munilla

August 12, 2020

1 Min Read

Dear everyone, 

Videogame is actually working. I am testing it in alpha version. Soon in the coming few weeks I will make a beta built.

Crowdfunding is due on Sept 1st:


Videogame should be released on Oct 15th, on Steam for PC and Linux;


Then I plan on pushing this videogame for other platforms depending on success; Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo and Mac. 

You may see some actual gameplay and intro on the following links;




Check out real test connecting mobile to use it as controller;

Please share this post with everyone so we could give visibility to this project. Dont hesitate to contact me for your ideas and thoughts.


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