Dungeon Keeper - Evil is good, right?

A comment about Dungeon Keeper rant from a player who remember the original game.

For the last couple of days I see a lot of people posting on their walls about mobile Dungeon Keeper from EA. This is always ranting and yelling how could they broke such awesome franchise.

I’m not defending EA, but guys seriously. Did somebody of you expected something else from a free game? Did somebody of you expected something else from a free game from Electronic Arts and such well known franchise?

If you are calling this game unplayable, this is mostly because during the last few years we have learned that everything is within a mouse click or even a finger’s touch. All those magic devices we have got allows us to get everything within a blink of eye. No matter what game it is.

So you want more crystals to buy more minions, to speed up the production or to reduce the time needed to dig the tunnels? So buy them or be patient. I do agree that waiting one day (24 hours) until your imp cut that wall down is a little too much, but I don’t care. I can give orders to those imps, summon some trolls and skeletons and raid couple of other players. 15 minutes and I’m turning the game off. I don’t have to spend whole day or night playing this game.

That 15 minutes per day, that EA gave me completely for free, is fine for me. Even if after couple of weeks or few months I will end at the point where nothing can be done without buying those crystals. I will simply delete the game from my device.

By shouting and ranting how bad is this game, you are only advertise it. I wouldn’t download it if some of you folks, won’t write about greedy EA on the wall. There are many other games to be played if you don’t like this one. 


P.S. If you really love the franchise, you should remember the motto, does it fit your discontent?

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