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Don't Fail.

or how to stop listening to rich people who've got too much fuel for their failures.

Slade Villena, Blogger

April 15, 2012

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I offer a counter point to this article.

Now, I take no kind of offense to Pincus' own fortune. With that kind of fuel, he's got enough power to save a million African families, or possibly fund every Kickstarter project in existence.

This ain't about his fortune.  More about his fuel capacity.

As a society we're starting to breed mediocrity on a massive scale, especially with these kinds of marketing dogmas coming from on high. Picture that, yet another CEO who gives advice to thousands of new graduates. Yet another rich guy who's got enough fuel to fund his fantasies.

He's got enough fuel to fund an armada of agendas. Don't matter which ones fail, as long as he gets a cut out of it. Put this into context with Steve Jobs and his address.  People need to start realizing how the hoarders at the top keep the proles in line.


It's a disgusting form of doublethink. 

Take it from a former Marine.  You don't have the people, the ammo, nor the blood to let anything fail. And that goes for any mission you decide to pick up in life.

Failure means giving up, not "moving on." Failure ain't about petty mistakes, nor amendable circumstances. Failure is a complete loss, irreversible and soul crushing. You can fix mistakes, but failures require salvation, not mere repairs.

Failure is losing the spirit of a mission.  Failure kills the will to survive. Don't ever fail. Try not to listen to anyone who thinks you can buy yourself out of failure.   

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