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Kim Kardashian does not have to worry about Target Demos.

Rich Melcombe, Blogger

August 18, 2014

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I’ve been building up my social media to launch a Kickstarter campaign to build an automated, subscription games customization platform called Customize-A-Game.  I’ve gone to Twitter, Facebook & Google+ seeking gamers, game developers, people who refer to themselves as geeks, social media influencers, etc.  It’s been fascinating getting to understand my target demos.  There are game dev innovators, people who like & don’t like classic games, groups that dislike any kind of commercialization, true fans of particular games…and so on.  The people who refer to themselves as “geeks” seem to be the most authentic because they will tell you what they like, and are not as judgmental.  Social media influencers seem to sell a secret sauce that does not exist.  They tout how cool social media is and all of the exposure one can get, which we all know is difficult and takes a great deal of time.  What I’ve learned about my target demos is that they are like any society – people filled with diverse opinion, and they are difficult to target.  Over the weekend, I read a couple of articles on the success of Kim Kardashian’s app and how it is opening up a new front for mobile games, and how she is using your stardom to turn fans into instant gamers.  For the games industry, it’s all good stuff because it grows the market.  Kim sells a fantasy life, and it works.  She knows your target demos, and I’m just learning about mine. 

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