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Denis Dyack is working on a followup to Eternal Darkness

Precursor Games has announced a 12-part spiritual successor to Silicon Knights' 2002 effort Eternal Darkness, with creator Denis Dyack attached as chief creative officer.

Kris Ligman, Blogger

May 3, 2013

1 Min Read

The Wii U may be struggling to bulk up its content library, but it might be getting a bit of help in the form of a 12-part episodic Eternal Darkness successor by Precursor Games. As revealed on IGN today, the game - titled Shadow of the Eternals - will be heading for Wii U and PC, with Eternal Darkness lead Denis Dyack attached as chief creative officer. The game is designed to be released in 12 installments with potential for more should Precursor's Kickstarter effort exceed its $1.5 million target. "The more money that we raise, the more we can deliver, which is a win for everyone," Precursor told IGN. Dyack, whose most recent directorial effort, Too Human, shipped for the Xbox 360 in 2008, is the founder of Silicon Knights and was lead designer, writer and producer on Eternal Darkness. Shadow of the Eternals' thematic elements will seem familiar to fans of that title, beginning with a murder mystery and quickly spiraling into explorations of perception and personal sanity. Precursor will be following up with an official unveiling together with the launch of its Kickstarter on May 6th. Until then, there's a teaser trailer.

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