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Through the use of Testin Crash Analytics, DeNA China saw their crash rate drop and their the app rating increase.

Lei Zhang, Blogger

May 4, 2015

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“One Piece: Begins” is a mobile game originated from the “One Piece” manga. Released in January 2015, the app found tremendous success, and topped China’s Apple store download list for the full week. The success of the app is due in part to the manga’s popularity along with the app’s fanciful characters and setting. 









The Challenge: How to locate an error 

The increasing download and DAU rate are thrilling. However, through the Testin Crash Analytics scatter diagram, it has been established that the DAU is directly related to crash quantity. This created concern amongst the China DeNA team about user loss in the future.


Testin Crash Analytics

(1) Detailed Live Crash Reports

According to “One Piece: Begins” CTO Hongkun Huang, he found that with the help of Testin Crash Analytics his team could easily locate errors. With the use of Testin, the team was able to identify the type of crashes and exceptions occurring with specific types of mobile devices, as well as the number of affected users. With this knowledge, they prioritized the issues ranked by the quantity of affected users and then quickly set a schedule to fix the errors. Based on the device information collected, further optimizations were then put in place.

(2) Tailor made for mobile games

JavaScript errors are a nightmare for every developer, and can lead to an awful user experience. Typically, after release to the market, it is too difficult to trace these errors again.

“One Piece: Begins” is based on Cocos2d-X engine with C++ and JavaScript. Hongkun said, “We feel lucky that before the release of “One Piece Start” we found Testin Crash Analytics and were able to collect Cocos2d-X engine errors. It was definitely good news for us.” Meanwhile, Testin Crash Analytics is the only Crash Analytics Service which both fully support Cocos2d-X and other C++ mobile game engines. 


(1) Keep and attract more users:

“When viewing the Testin Crash Analytics dashboard we can see our Crash Rate drop every time we release a new version- and we are thrilled.” DeNA China saw the app rating increase from 3.5 to 4.0.

(2) Registration increasing:

Meanwhile, in order to fulfill the exploding amount of new users, the team continues adding new servers every week for a better user experience.

(3) Remain on top of the list:

For the first two months after release, “One Piece:Begins” continued to stay on the top 30 grossing apps in the games category and top 10 grossing in the RPG games Category on the Apple app store.


For more information on Testin, please visit cocos.itestin.com.

For more information on Chukong Technologies, please visit www.chukong-inc.com

About Chukong Technologies

Chukong Technologies is a leading mobile entertainment platform company that drives and maintains a healthy development ecosystem, provides users with excellent digital content, and pushing the digital entertainment experience forward. Chukong has worked with some of the world’s largest mobile developers to navigate the complexities of the Chinese mobile market. As well, Chukong has published many of the most popular mobile titles in China, such as the Fishing Joy franchise. Chukong Technologies aims to become a leading digital distribution company and is currently expanding its infrastructure and partnerships to facilitate new business opportunities. Headquartered in Beijing, China, the company also has operations in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Menlo Park, California. For more information, please visit www.chukong-inc.com and follow the company on Twitter at @CocoaChina.

About Testin

Testin Crash Analytics is the world’s leading cloud application and mobile game testing platform, providing the necessary tools and services to help ensure quality and safety for app and game developers. Testin’s goal is to help address the issues of fragmentation, equipment, application compatibility, performance, and stability. Since its founding in 2011, Testin has provided its service to over 350,000 developers and run more than 80 million cumulative tests. In 2014, Testin successfully raised Series B funding by Yung and was co-sponsored by top venture capitalist, IDG.

About One Piece: Begins

“One Piece: Begins” originated from the manga “One Piece”. It is the first official authorized game in China, which is jointly developed by China DeNA and Bandai Namco.






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