A reality look at most indie games sales on steam in 2018

I have decided to address this like a letter mainly to the small indie game developers either on steam already
or just about to enter.

About a few years ago, the term "indiepocalypse" broke out due to the rising number of games being flooded
into the gaming market mostly on steam in particular.In 2013,565 games were released and by 2014,that number has raised 
to 1771.that's bascially three times the previous figure.In 2017,7672 games were released and the number keeps increasing.

A few folks believe (myself included) that we are able to or are already entering the post-indiepocalypse era.
The gold mine era on steam is over.An individual cannot just make a game and then post it on steam and make 
a lot of money except he has a huge bucket of luck.There are literally games on steam with zero units sold like seriously.
A lot of people keep shouting market it and it will sell but to the best of my knowledge marketing games is not
as easy as they say.i tried marketing my current release ADM(ANGELS,DEMONS AND MEN) but the results were not 
impressive.The best thing a game developer team can do now is to get a marketer for their game.As it stands only 
games with good marketing that reaches the right audience turn profits nowadays.Getting a good game marketer
isnt easy,in most cases i advise getting a PR company or a publisher to help.

If you feel investing money into marketing for your game is a waste of time and funds,then it means either you
dont feel you did your best on it or you are not proud of it(ie a bad game). 

From my personnal survey of various games released by indie developers this year without serious marketing done,
98% of them could not sell up to 20 copies within the first 2 months of release.Thats is the current state on
steam.Less than 50% of these indie games released will sell up 500 units before the year runs out.This is the new 

TILL NEXT TIME...........

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