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Dave the Diver has sold over 3 million copies worldwide

The title has become a huge success story for developer Mintrocket and parent company Nexon.

Chris Kerr

January 3, 2024

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Dave swims alongside a dolphin in Dave the Diver
Image via Mintrocket / Nexon

Subaquatic culinary adventure Dave the Diver has surpassed 3 million global sales. Developer Mintrocket broke the news on X and thanked players for their "support and love."

The title launched on June 28, 2023, on Windows PC and macOS before eventually heading to Nintendo Switch in October—though it had been available through Steam Early Access since October 2022.

Although viewed by some as an 'indie' title—including The Game Awards organizer Geoff Keighley—the game's developer Mintrocket is a subsidiary of South Korean conglomerate Nexon.

Nexon develops and publishes major franchises such as MapleStory and Dungeon & Fighter. It also owns a myriad of studios including Big Huge Games, Wizet, AGBO, and Pixelberry.

Despite that, Dave the Diver secured a Best Indie Game nomination at The Game Awards 2023 but ultimately lost out to Sea of Stars. It was, however, named the best 'Sit Back & Relax Game' at the 2023 Steam Awards.

All about Dave (the diver)

Discussing how the title manages to deliver such a soothing experience during an interview with Game Developer last year, Dave the Diver game director Jaeho Hwang explained the secret was ensuring all of the game's conflicting mechanics orbited Dave in a way that made sense to players.

"We formed everything around the protagonist, Dave," they explained. "It may seem like you need to do these different actions randomly, but since they are mostly done by Dave, who you are already emotionally attached to, players understand that Dave is dealing with unexpected daily occasions, just like we drive, eat, cook, and fix our bathroom, all in the same day in real life."

To hear more from Hwang, check out the full interview right here.

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