Cyberaction Arena

Free Roam Cyberaction Arena from Russia

The development of free roam arenas

The development of virtual reality goes on the spiral: from simple attractions to more complicated personal experience with the transfer of physical contact in VR via sensors on a body and special suits. The important step of development is LBE games with team interaction in virtual environment. It is relatively new experience for entertainment sphere which develops at a rapid pace with implementation of new technologies and gadgets. The key peculiarities of this experience are a plot, recreated scenes and the possibility physically feel the partner and see his avatar in virtual environment. The appearance in 2015 of new games and quests from such companies as Zero Latency, Sandbox VR, the Void, Hologate, IMAX began rapidly gain popularity and show the vector of direction of development to new companies. Such products were made on the base of Oculus Quest headsets and portable PC. Body tracking in virtual environment was performed via attached sensors.

The presentation of Oculus Quest

It was announced during the presentation of Oculus Quest from Facebook that the headset will be absolutely autonomous and that new game formats with free roam are possible. There were  about 50 apps, optimized for a new gadget in the Oculus Quest store. One of the box solutions is a multiplayer shooter “Dead and Buried”, which was demonstrated on the presentation. Many companies all over the world paid attention at it and began to run tests with ready devices. Our company wasn't an exception.We have already tried to achieve success on Steam VR platform, but it was already occupied by Pavlov VR and Onward. After the purchasing of set of headsets we decided to transform our game to a new device. The base of our decision lied in a new tracking system Oculus Quest -Inside-Out, which recognized and remembered the perimeter and borders of the game zone. Via four cameras on the side panels of a headset the device analyses the environment and understands the position of a helmet and controllers in the space. The cameras work in RGB diapason, best of all they read dark and light stripes.

The first free roam arena

The modernization of our game in PVP with free roam took us about three months. A great deal of work was done for texture compression as the headsets will not handle with more smooth picture and game. For tests we rented sport playgrounds or sport halls at school where powerful routers were set as well as special stripes for tracking were made. Then we made the headset calibration, remembering the perimeter via external cameras. The first fights were organized for the team of four players, then for 10. All the devices are connected to the remote server with the downloaded maps, weapon modes, equipment, obstacles, etc. We have made the free roam shooter from the format game for PC,  it was possible due to the progress and new samples of autonomous headsets.

In 2019 was the announcement of the game. At that time appeared the similar games of other companies: I-illusions, Tetra Studio, etc. In different parts of the planet similar games were made that showed the correctness of our choice. Fights in virtual reality went to a new level with the modernized arenas with the use of autonomous devices. 

Arena prospects

Joint session in virtual reality for a large company is a new kind of amusement which step by step will replace the classic type of leisure on weekends. Appeal and various plots will  fascinate the minds of new users, who will then repeatedly return and try again.

With the appearance of a large number of solutions it will be organized in the whole industry with its unique environment. The element of sports is present in this direction, just try to run through the virtual mazes for 60 minutes, killing enemies.


We assume that the next step in the development of VR arena will be the personal monetization of users such as esports players.  There are hundreds of examples on the internet, with a large increase in popularity and earnings of a person in one game or several games. The first competitions in Cyberaction Arena will be organized in 2021. At present, there are 20 locations in three countries around the world with their own number of regular players.

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