Core gamers: the forgotten audience

With the grow of social networks and new game controllers, core gamers are being unattended.

Just take a look at the games industry press headlines: "social networks", "brand new controller", "free-to-play with microtransactions", "new start-up focused on casual games"...

It seems that the industry is clearly focused on the new cash cow, with lots of companies restructuring (it's not easy to turn a AAA console based company into a social games developer), and new ones appearing every day, following the industry trends.

Wait. Wait a moment here, please. What about the traditional gamers? Yes, the ones that have being supporting the games industry for decades. The ones that expect deep and intense game experiences. The ones that are actively search the media for info, screens and trailers of your games and, finally, the ones that have been purchasing your games... until now!

If the industry trends continues this way, and it seems it will, core gamers will end to be a niche of the market... an unattended niche!

It's easy to read the comments on the top videogames media to find that classical gamers are getting angry day by day, complaining about the lack of some good "old-school" games.

I think this people deserves our respect, and they also deserve this old-school games.

As a small company, we have been thinking about this, and we have our conclussion: our first "big" game will be devoted to the core gamer.

After some small testing projects and some work-for-hire, now it's the time to do the next step building our future as a small, indie game development studio. A small but good looking game, full of old-school gameplay, for a well-known console platform. We are going counter-clockwise, and we love it... because we have a brand new target for our game: core gamers!

More info about our new project very soon. We will keep you informed about the development of this game through this blog on Gamasutra. Every post will be announced on our twitter.

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