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While Spirittea saw a weak start on Steam, the new life sim-RPG has already become profitable thanks to its launch on consoles.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

November 20, 2023

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Key art for Cheesemaster Games' Spirittea of the human player character praying at an altar.
Image via Cheesemaster Games.

Within its first day, the recently released Spirittea was already a profitable game. According to Mike Rose, founder of the game's publisher No More Robots, the new life sim from Cheesemaster Games has managed to hit several milestones since its launch only a week ago. 

In its first week, Spirittea hit $1 million in revenue, and saw 150,000 players across its release on PC, Xbox Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch. Those profits are triple the title's development costs, Rose continued, and it hit the top seller charts on the Nintendo eShop across all regions. 

"It's been one of our biggest launches to date," he noted. The game's launch has particularly interested him because Game Pass and the Switch have made up 80 percent of revenue thus far. Steam's been the weakest performer of the three, in a notable reversal from previous No More Robots-published games. 

Rose thinks Valve's platform has become more "triple-A heavy" this year in particular. To his point, he is correct: Activision Blizzard has recently released its newer (and some older) games on Steam this year, just as Ubisoft has done, after their specific games were locked to their individual PC launchers.

While those bigger games have "more [Steam] eyeballs," he argued things have been more even on console storefronts. In the case of the Switch, the game's an ideal title for the console: "There's less triple-A on Switch since it can't really handle newer triple-A. So Spirittea easily moved into the Top Sellers chart and stayed there."

Game Pass was "huge" for the game, according to Rose, and the platform has the majority of Spirittea's 150,000 player count. "We've heard plenty of people say they bought the game on Steam or Switch after playing the Game Pass version.  So once again, a ridiculously good experience for us."

You can read Rose's full thoughts on the success of Spirittea starting here. He's previously given advice on how developers can make their games Nintendo eShop bestsellers by taking advantage of Metacritic, and that can be read here.

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