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Check out my Gen Con 2016 Game Development Legal Q&A Panels with Justin Jacobson

During this year's Gen Con, I joined up with attorney Justin Jacobson to do two awesome Q&A sessions about legal issues in tabletop game publishing. I think that these two sessions (presented as episodes of my Legal Moves podcast) are useful for any dev!

Zachary Strebeck

September 12, 2016

1 Min Read

During Gen Con 2016, I had the pleasure of conducting two Q&A sessions with fellow attorney Justin D. Jacobson of LAWCRAFT. We had a ton of great questions in each session, including some about:

  • Contracts

  • Starting a business entity

  • Dealing with copyright and trademarks

  • Getting game components tested

  • Protecting yourself during playtesting

  • and more!

They are focused on tabletop game development and publishing, but I think that there is a lot of good information in the two sessions for video game developers, as well. Check out both of the one-hour sessions below as part of the Legal Moves podcast feed. Also, please subscribe to the podcast if you’re interested in more games industry business and legal talk!


I’ll be releasing my other panels from Gen Con in the coming weeks, including panels on starting a game company, running a Kickstarter, and getting your first tabletop game manufactured and published! Keep an eye on the blog or the podcast feed!

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