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Casual Connect Amsterdam: People, Parties and Mayan Death Robots

Videogames might not be the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions Amsterdam, but on 4-6 February, Adam and Michal from our INFINARIO team went there to play some. It was my job to find what’s left from what the guys remember. Let’s see...

Oliver Meres, Blogger

February 13, 2015

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It's always fun when your colleagues return from an awesome game conference and you're trying to get a reasonable idea about the highlights of the event based on their clouded recollections of the trip (especially to Amsterdam). Still, from what they managed to tell me about this year's Casual Connect, it's clear that it was mind-blowing. Let's take a look at why.

“Amsterdam is a hilarious place. We even arrived a day earlier to take a look around”, Adam starts his agitated account of the trip. The whole thing took place in a beautiful historical building in downtown Amsterdam that quickly became packed with over 7,500 professionals from the game industry. It still puzzles me why they let a savage bunch of high enthusiastic gamers come inside such a charming, magical place, but Adam insists that they were all in fact very laid back and cheerful.

Casual Connect 2015

Our guys got busy from day one and although it was a tough job to get a relevant report of what actually happened there, I managed to learn that they met some very interesting people, for example Mateusz Szukajt, the founder and owner of Galaktus, a polish PR and marketing agency focused on video entertainment, which currently cooperates with notable games such as War Thunder or Star Conflict.

Another memorable character Adam and Michal met was Rustam Bekmuradov. Rustam is a prolific US producer and game director, currently working at XIMAD. (I had to Google that of course, because for some peculiar reason, Adam didn’t remember anything but his name)

A great piece of news for us is that our presence there was not in vain, as Michal’s proud anecdote proves: “There was an interesting moment when these two American publishers talked about how they had tried different analytical tools, but all of them sucked balls. After the presentation, we approached them and introduced them to INFINARIO, proudly presenting them with the swag of a tool that they’ve been looking for all this time. A jaw-dropper, if you ask me!”

Apart from meeting people and mysteriously travelling through time, the visitors of Casual Connect flock together to play games (duh!). Click HERE for a report on the top three games that our gaming team was most excited about.

The last thing Adam insisted on mentioning was the mind-blowing Thursday night party that “was just out of this world”, but that was all he could tell me about it. The overall experience seems to have been more than satisfactory. “The conditions were just great in all respects. We’d really like to thank the organizers for coming up with such an enriching, fun experience”, he adds.

It’s difficult to convey the uncontained excitement with which Adam and Michal narrate their hilarious, although somewhat clouded experiences from the conference – not very much unlike our prize-winning team from GEGC in Vienna did. Still, I can tell that this conference was clearly a blast, so make sure to stay tuned for more reports and get in touch with us at Facebook and Twitter too!

PS: If you have any compromising photos of Adam and Michal, please delete them permanently.

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