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Buying a reliable color laser printer

Who has seen Office Space, the movie? I'd be surprised if any of you haven't. Well, today I had an Office Space moment, relating to our new Samsung laser printer.

Vlado Jokic, Blogger

November 1, 2009

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I went out today and bought a Samsung CLX-3170FN color multipurpose laser printer for the office. What resulted was a terrible headache and almost a smashed piece of hardware as I spent hours trying to get the damn thing to work. For those who have seen the film Office Space, you will know the scene that I'm referring to.

The price was right as we don't need anything too fancy for what we do, but we needed something with fax and scanner built into it. Knowing Samsung's products have served me well over the years I made the dangerous assumption that their entire product line will carry similar expectations in quality. Boy, was I wrong!

The laster printer prints in color and serves as a flatbed scanner as well as a fax machine. We need one of these bad boys at the office for the usual fax jobs, printing, and the occasional concept art prints that we do in color. I was hoping this machine would do the job but instead it has done the opposite.

The printer gets REALLY hot while printing anything, and has yet to pass through a completed color printout. The color pages get stuck to the rubber spools in the compartment that dries the toner on the page (or at least that is my understanding of it). The pages are caught up inside and keep accumulating while the black and white prints come out fine. Why this is the case, I wouldn't have a clue but all I know is that there's something terribly wrong with the design on this piece of hardware. After doing a quick Google search I've discovered that it is indeed a piece of crap as user reviews point out the same problems. I'm going to try to exchange this unit for store credit tomorrow, or try to get my money back and get something that works. You'd think these devices would have evolved to the point where you wouldn't need to do thorough web research just to find out if the thing works, but it looks like with any other gizmo you still have to do your due dilligence. 

Verdict: DO NOT BUY the Samsung CLX-3170FN multipurpose laser color printer!

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