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Business Post Mortem Series Intro: Wolf Toss on iOS, Android, and Chrome

Wolf Toss, the first Zipline Games title, just crossed the 1 million players mark 6 weeks after launch. This blog series will share detailed data and lessons learned from the experience of sim-shipping on 3 modern app stores without a large budget.

Mike Arcuri, Blogger

January 26, 2012

2 Min Read

If you're a Gamasutra regular, you may have heard of Wolf Toss in early December.  If you're the owner of an Android phone and you've visited the market to look for games in the last two weeks, you've probably seen the Wolf Toss icon staring back at you from your phone.

Wolf Toss game icon and rating

Wolf Toss game icon and rating

Looks hungry, doesn't he?

I'm writing this series because many of us in the mobile games business are hungry too.  Hungry for detailed data that might help us prioritize our efforts, hungry to discover what really works so we can do more of it, hungry to attract more people who will love and support our games, and very hungry to spot the promotional black holes out there and avoid wasting our limited time, energy, and money on them.

Here are some of the blog posts I'm planning for this series:

Some of these will go together into multi-part posts.  Others might stand alone and be accompanied by lots of data and pretty charts.Let me know which topics are most interesting to you, and I'll see about tackling those topics first.  Also - please share your own experiences as comments.  Every game is a unique business (although there are some similarities between games), and this blog becomes a information-packed resource on mobile game marketing and analytics, it will benefit all of us.

Next Post: An App Store Stats Round-up to put things in perspective.

- Mike Arcuri.

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