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Payment Analytic services can help developer find greater financial success.

Ulyana Chernyak, Blogger

February 25, 2014

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When it comes to payment methods, developers have a lot of options they must look into. Many payment methods are only popular in certain regions; while others are popular globally. In order to have a successful product, developers must figure out which payment methods are popular for every region their product is available in. Xsolla shows how implementing their payment platform can help developers achieve the payment information they need for success.

While developers may be achieving success with their current payment options, there can always be room for improvement. Payment analytic system offers that by giving detail reports on each customers in order to figure out how they should be cater too. This can be another crucial factor to a video games success because it improves the payment experience for consumers who are already participating in the product. This can increases the revenue in all directions because it opens up certain options to current and new consumers alike. By implementing payment analytic services, we can see how a developer can further increase their revenue and customer satisfaction.

Developer A has released a very successful social web-based game that offers an in-game store with microtransactions. The game has been very successful, but the Developers feel as if they are missing out on some essential parts of the market. They have all of the necessary payment data to research this on their own, but doing so would take up a lot of time that can be used on other projects. Instead, Developer A decided to integrate an Xsolla payment platform, which analyzed all of the game’s payment data and gave recommendations on what payment options Developer A should offer.

Developer A was able to quickly figure out which payment method should be added, and which should be expanded upon. Doing this raised the revenue for current players because the game offered more incentives to invest in the product. In addition, the game’s current user based was expanded as new players were attracted to the improvements made. Due to payment analytic, Developer A was able to raise their current revenue and improve customer satisfaction with their product

The payment platform allowed the Developer to focus on other duties while it analyzed which payment methods should be offered and expanded on. This allowed for faster workflow because the developer were able to improve their product in more then one way. If Developer A decided not to implement this platform, it could of taken a lot more time and focus away from key areas in the game

Payment analytic can be very important to a games health, and developers should take advantage of these services. Many developers such as WargamingAnkamaPetroglyphand more have all used payment analytic in order to figure out which payment methods they should include and expand upon in their video game. The changes they made greatly increased their profit, and made the process of analyzing their payment information easier.

There are many aspects that go into game design these days, and developers that use in-game transactions have a lot more to look into. Payment analytics help save these developers time and money, and often time are more effective at addressing the payment options. By using payment analytic services, developers can focus on creating a better game experience while still improving the in game payment methods.

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