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At least we have a plan

A failed attempt to meet for play-testing resulted in game theories

Adam Kloc, Blogger

October 18, 2012

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Gathering people for group work can be arduous. Without making excuses, my group was unable to meet-up between Thursday and Tuesday. We were determined to get something done, though. We maintained an email correspondance.  During such discussion we discussed manners in which the games could be implemented in a prototype fashion. We also discussed what our options for crafting a prototype could include.


Object capture game would not be able to be play-tested withn our constraints

The Zombie bowling title has no shortage of good ideas for actual play, prototyping might prove difficult. Will be testing using a dice and card system.

The espionage title will likely play-test well. Plan is to implement a battleship-style grid system. We will roll dice for unit movement, and determine actual rule-set while testing in a trial-and-error type of experimentation.

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