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Any tips for selling a game prototype/proof of concept?

Does anyone have any tips for selling a game prototype/proof of concept for crowdsourcing?

patrick miller

August 5, 2020

1 Min Read

Hi. I'm working on a prototype for a game and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for crowdsourcing it. Right now the project is just an extremely bare-bones puzzle platformer. It has no story, no music, no art assets at all. The player is able to selectively change the states of objects in the world. Giving them collision and making them move accordingly. But the player can only activate 2 objects at a time. Some objects have 2 states, others 3, but they all have a default state that they return to when not activated. Any resource would be helpful. So any tips for crowdsourcing art assets, story, or funding would be greatly appreciated.

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