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Analyze this: Social Blade TOP500 YouTube Gaming

Social Blade is the #1 source for the top YouTube and Social Media channels online. But how many of these channels might be suitable for you and your marketing?

YouTube is the second largest web site on the Internet. Millions of people use it every second. For the past couple of years, gaming industry saw an opportunity there and started promoting games through private channels and with a bit of help from popular YouTube influencers. But how can your game get featured on those top channels?

First, you have to get in touch with your favorite YouTubers. It isn’t that easy, right? How do you pick the best YouTubers for your game? Where do you look for help? Social Blade is one of the best sites to see who’s currently the most popular on YouTube and other various Social Media platforms. So, I’ve decided to see what kind of channels are featured on Social Blade’s TOP500 Gaming list.

Before we dig deeper into the world of data, I’d like to explain a few things. Out of 500 channels from Social Blade’s list from April 26th, 2015 5 were inactive, which leaves us with a population of N=495. I’ve also decided to create 5 categories: Minecraft, Gaming, Company’s channel, Show/Vlog (no walkthroughs or let’s plays) and Media Outlets.

If you want the raw data (spreadsheet), follow this amazing link!

However, please bear in mind that Social Blade focuses only on the most popular channels on YouTube. My project,, aims to deliver the biggest YouTubers contacts' list on the Internet - delivered to you every Thursday. Subscribe now!

1. Percent of channels per category

Out of 497 channels, 59% are related to Gaming (walkthroughs, reviews and let’s plays). Media Outlets are only 1% - personally expected a bit more.

2. Total Views per Category

I expected Minecraft channels to be number one, but apparently Gaming is still the most popular category on YouTube according to Social Blade with over 80,000,000 views.

3. Number of channels per Country

It’s not a secret that the highest number of channels comes from the United States, but to see Poland in TOP10 was a pleasant surprise.   

4. Average Views on Average (click to learn more about VoA) per country

How many people actually watch certain videos on average? Definitely didn't expect Shows/Vlogs to be more popular than Minecraft!   

5. Fun facts

Some funny stuff I came across while browsing through my collected data.

funfacts_money   funfacts_userengagement  

I am not a professional statistician. If you'd like to work with me on future analysis and provide more advanced insight - feel free to get in touch!

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